The first and only 3D scanner capable of scanning a person in 15 seconds just by typing your height and pressing a button.

Its 4 sensors work simultaneously scanning from top to bottom controlled by CloneScan3D software, which automatically calculates the right number of shots and the distance between them.

After the scanning, this same software closes the model meshes and optimizes the file in just 90 seconds, storing the 3d model in CloneBE online platform, where the user can view it, share it and interact with it.

CloneScan3D is available in Spain in Sicnova 3D stores. Sicnova 3D is the manufacturer and designer of CloneScan3D system, and it is currently promoting events where anyone could be digitalized for free.

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Once scanning and processing are done, the user can immediately check the 3d model result, which will be also available in CloneBE interactive 3D viewer.

Users could then repeat the process to get more 3d models, share them with friends or even print the models in different materials and sizes, obtaining an Clonesculpture, a truly original gift.

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